First days on SJNHS!

When I received the news that I had been selected as the new Digital Media Intern at the San Juan National Historic Site, I couldn’t believe it. I already have been a LHIP intern last year and I thought I would not have a chance to intern again, but I was wrong. I really enjoyed my experience last year working and living in the beautiful city of Washington D.C., but having the opportunity to be in the island I love, surrounded by familiar streets and with people who speak my first language is just amazing!

Also, I thought I was never going to be able to start my internship at SJNHS, but after weeks of struggling between a strike that my campus held, I finally managed to start my internship at this wonderful and beautiful place. The park is located in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, and is one of the places that carry the most valuables pieces of the puzzle that summarizes the history of the island. I just started last week, but so far my experience has been one filled with amazement, learning, and discovery. This park holds precious traces of history that are delicately preserved by archeologists, historians, interpreters, and architects.

Main entrance at Castillo San Felipe del Morro.

In these first days, I have met almost all the staff and have learned the basics about working in SJNHS. I have taken personalized tours by the Assistant Chief of Interpretation, Carlos Almodóvar, which knows everything regarding the history of the park, and in general. I also met with the Superintendent and with other members of the staff that will be incredible resources for the projects we want to develop in the park. I am thankful that everyone in the park is really excited to tell the different stories and details of this huge place (I will describe the park in a later post), and that I will have the resources to make that viable. Let’s see what comes.  

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