Matte Painting Example for Digital Workshop

Final internship Project – Manuel Alejandro Santos Álvarez

The original idea for my final internship project was to be the director, producer, editor, etc. for a music video that I would have collaborated on with two other interns that were coming from Baton Rouge; one of them being a musical artist and the other a dancer. The music video was going to be for one of the intern’s original music pieces; however due to unfortunate circumstances the interns that I was going to work with have had to work remotely and in turn we haven’t been able to meet and work out ideas. Fortunately enough, a second project has popped up in the middle of all this, and it’s a project that I am more than excited to work and be a part of. The New Orleans Jazz National Historical Park in collaboration with Love’s Music Therapy is hosting a series of virtual workshops in which Ranger Jon and I will be teaching four students various lessons on Adobe Photoshop, Logic Pro, and Adobe Premiere Pro. The goal with these workshops is to teach these kids the basics of all these programs so that towards the end of the workshop they can come into the Park and record live performance that they can after mix, edit, and perform any post production changes they please. Overall, I think it will be a great experience for both myself and the students (a few of which already have some background with one or two of these programs), which makes me excited to see what they will come up with. Growing up, I wish I could have had the opportunity to take a workshop like this, which is part of the reason I was pleased to be able to be involved in these collaborative lessons. For our first workshop this last week, we taught the basics of Photoshop and as an assignment we told the kids to create a matte painting, which in basic terms means a composite image; this would entail the students to choose two or more pictures that they will essentially “cut and paste” into one. I am going to include at the end of this post two images from the lesson; the first one is a matte painting I had worked on and showed to the class as an example, and the second image is a matte painting we worked on in class in order to show the “ins and outs” of Photoshop. Hopefully the music video project can still happen down the line but for now I am proud to be working on this Digital Workshop Project.

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