Field work in the Mountains!

Hi! everyone My name is Valeria and I am from Houston, TX. This summer/fall I am interning at the Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP) in Colorado as a Science Communications Assistant in the Continental Divide Research Learning Center (CDRLC). My role is to facilitate science communication to park staff and the public through various digital media projects, which I am extremely excited to start on!

RMNP has been a marvelous site to see! The mountains, the elk, and meadows have been captivating. On this first week of my internship, I was able to meet the rest of my team of the CDRLC. We went out as a team to install 4 traffic counters at different trailhead sites in the park. These traffic counters will provide us with valuable information on the number of visitors entering and leaving these sites. It was very neat to learn about the whole process that goes into installing these traffic counters, as it involved much more work than expected. We had to post signs to let traffic know there was a stop coming up the road where we would be installing the counters. We also had to pause every so often to let traffic continue.

The weather has been very different from the Texas heat. While we were installing the traffic counters, the weather changed on us a bit. It was chilly, very windy and it even snowed at one point! During lunch time, we ate our meals on the grass under the warmth of the sun, which felt nice against the cool wind.

Overall, this was an adventurous, team-building experience as it allowed us to learn more about each other and learn about ways to work and communicate effectively. I am very lucky to have joined a team that is extremely dedicated and excited about the work they are doing. 🙂

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