Fast (summer) times in Arizona!

Summer is almost over! The internship season for sure is.

I have been introduced to a new environment with its own set of people and places. Coming from a city to rural Arizona was not a difficult transition because of the people I have had around me.


I have had the opportunity to be part of any activity resources needs help in due to low staffing issues. It ranged from being a companion on the hike to the upper cliff dwelling to assisting in one of their research projects. Although this summer has been paused plenty of times due to excessive heat warnings, aggressive bees and low staffing, there were plenty of      things to do in the meantime!

As previously shared, I care about the place I am in. I believe it is important to interact and form some type of appreciation for the community. That is why I loved going to Globe for the first Friday activities that allowed me to meet the community and enjoy their festivities. Even though it was educational, I got to have a lot of fun! Fun fact, this summer was the first time I had ever had fry-bread! It is so good.

Finally, this internship has also given me the experience of meeting new people! Especially looking back at to how lucky I have been to get a long so well with my roommate. I am not sure I will continue working with NPS in the future, but I know the people who work for NPS are defiantly valuable.

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