Farmers Market, both tasty and interactive.

During my time here in Southern Indiana, I am going to be attending the city of Dale’s weekly farmers’ market in representation of Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial. My coworker and friend Aleks, will go along with me, dressed in period clothing from the 1820’s. Although the summer farmers’ market is off to a slow start, we have been able to talk to local residents to remind them of our presence and the big events that are coming in 2016 with our national park and the state of Indiana. One of our biggest themes is the Cushaw seed, which is a native pumpkin squash of Indiana and is a big symbol for our state and the Lincoln family. Bob Zimmerman, head ranger at our living history farm, is passing out Cushaw seeds to all visiting elementary and middle schools so they may plant this vegetable in their school garden and at home. As much as I enjoy talking about the Cushaw, I really love to talk to people about their community and hearing their stories. One interesting couple that talked to us was road-tripping home from a work trip in Kentucky and instead of flying home they bought a new Corvette and set out on a journey. To my surprise they were heading back home to California and I knew exactly which city they were talking about because that’s where my best friend currently lives. They asked if we could sign their commemorative Route 66 plate (which we did) and now Lincoln Boyhood National Park is embedded in their trip’s memories.

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