Farewell Mount Rushmore and Latino Heritage Internship Program

As my life turned a new chapter this year, I became an LHIP intern at Mount Rushmore National Memorial, as you all know. During this summer, I had the opportunity to visit various National Parks, travel to different states, and meet new people, which was my favorite experience. During the summer, I created unforgettable memories. I am grateful to represent my family, the Flores-Arellanos. The DC trip helped me appreciate life more. I enjoyed visiting the White House, memorials, Smithsonian museums, and sightseeing in the city. Presenting at the Department of Interior was a rare opportunity that helped me grow. It also showed me the importance of thriving for your dreams and how life takes unexpected turns. I was surprised to win the award for Best Intern and present my project, which was a communications plan for Native American Heritage Month. I was fortunate to have met new people who were kind, intelligent, fun, and awesome. It was one of the best summers of my life. Thank You LHIP and Environment for the Americas for this amazing internship. – Gia

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