Fall is here!!

Fall is now upon us here at Shenandoah National Park!


Lovely Morning Fog
Foggy Morning Hike

Fall time is my favorite time of the year, and I am so excited to be in a new place to experience it. I love the cooler weather, foggy mornings, warm drinks, pumpkin everything, and of course the foliage. 

Shenandoah National Park is known for their beautiful fall colors and as we are now entering the season we are all preparing and very excited for it.

Many people from all over the country come to the east coast to see the beautiful colors in places such as Acadia National Park, Blue Ridge National Parkway, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and of course Shenandoah National Park! October is considered the busiest month here at Shenandoah. It is a month filled with huge crowds and lines at the entrance stations backed up to the highways into town. It is a beautiful time of year when everyone gets together to see the beauty that autumn brings to the Appalachian mountains and forest.

The parks media team also helps share the progression of the fall color. Some of the things they are doing to share this are things like live streaming and uploading photos every week to social media pages. From the visitor center I work we also have an awesome view and I am excited to see how the fall progresses even just from here. I’ll make sure to share some pictures once some of the colors start to show. For now, I am enjoying the nice fall weather that is already here up in the mountains.
If you would like to track the color changes you can always follow the Shenandoah National Park social media pages. On Facebook, they do a live streaming every Thursday at 2 pm EST and on Instagram, they post some pictures every week tracking the changes in the park from certain spots!

Happy Fall! 🙂

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