Fair winds

After the big hike last week I had to take some time off because my feet were pretty banged up. In fact one of the staff coordinators on the trip is a certified Wilderness EMT who has worked on trail crews told me I had some of the worst feet/blisters he’s ever seen! the last two mornings of backpacking trip we spend a good amount of time together getting my feet all wrapped up. The last day we walked across the Golden Gate Bridge and it was really uncomfortable, It seemed to go on foreverrrrr! (3 miles) But I did it! (even tho I had to pay for it) Valuable lessons list time!

  • Don’t hike in boots that are too small!
  • Be prepared (shoulda just brought my running shoes that actually fit)
  • Dont “should” on yourself (see above)
  • listen to your body
  • dont be afraid to ask for help
  • stretching is soooo good
  • The Bay Area is amazing!
  • Some people just dont care about touching other people’s feet
  • Not having cell phone service can be cool

When I finally got back to work I continued to work in the Small Boat Shop where I will be spending the majority of the remainder of my time! Things are pretty hectic for me right now because of moving and not enough time and trips and work and life! its an exciting time for sure, but also kinda’ taxing in a lotta’ ways. But as my time here comes to a close (1 more week!) I gotta remember to take some time to reflect and enjoy.

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