Extending My Internship

I know it’s been a while since I posted a blog, but there has been so much going. I am unsure if I mentioned this before, but I got my internship extended until December!! These past few weeks I have done so much.  To begin with, I attended the Latino Heritage Internship Program (LHIP) workshop in Colorado a couple of weeks ago, where I got to do, learn, and meet. I was finally able to meet the other LHIP interns in person after only being able to read about their work. Hearing about their projects and their experiences at their sites was so inspiring and exciting to learn about. I made new friendships and I hope to see many of them in the future. I was also able to meet some of the people that work at the Colorado regional office who where so helpful in giving us information and suggestions on how to begin our work with the National Park Service (NPS). Lastly, we were able to visit Rocky Mountain National Park and meet people there as well. Although they were action-packed days and I truly enjoyed all of it, I have to admit my favorite part was being able to see the elk. In the past few weeks, I have also had the opportunity to visit Alcatraz and speak to the ranger there who informed me and a few other interns in my office about the history and it’s role in the NPS. I had also never been to Alcatraz, making this another amazing and unforgettable experience. As for my current work, I am finishing up my original projects and making final edits. Since I did get an extension I now have other exciting projects on the way. I hope to keep doing my best and to continue to make this internship one of the best opportunities of my life. See you next week!

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