Exploring the Preserve

I guess the saying “Third time’s a charm” is actually quite true. Last Thursday I presented my third “Explore the Preserve” program here at the Laurance S. Rockefeller Preserve. After having an unsuccessful first experience, my team did a great job of encouraging me and giving me some pointers on how to make it better. My second time around was a complete turn-around after having my program reviewed by my supervisor. She helped me see how I could change a few things in my program and how to make it better. I took the pointers and added a few activities, and like a chick leaving its nest, I was sent off to do it on my own. Starting is always the hardest, but I stuck with it, did the best I could, and by the end of the program I was so relieved to have had such an amazing and cooperative group. In addition, I finally was able to do some wildlife patrolling on my own. I mean, being able to drive the car with our uniforms is pretty awesome, but when you finally get to deal with an animal jam on your own, it becomes an epic event. You get to see some amazing things happen right before your eyes. I’m definitely looking forward to more wildlife patrols and getting more hands on experience.

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