Exploring the Missions!

We are preparing for Latino Conservation Week! Tanya, another LHIP intern, met up to record some shots of the missions, while being socially distanced of course. Our three-part mini video series is about the history and natural resources of the missions. We are focusing on Mission Espada, Mission San Jose, and Mission San Juan.

Along the way, Tanya would inform me of interesting facts about the resources in the Mission grounds. I found the use of the acequias and aquifer the most intriguing, seeing as how the acequias are still being used to this day to water crops.

We explored and walked down the trails of Mission San Juan. We recorded some great footage of some butterflies and other insects. When we went down to the Mission Espada Aquifer we were able to get some footage of a frog and some fishes swimming down the stream. I had never been to the Espada aquifer before and it was so beautiful. There was so much natural vegetation and it only makes me wonder how the aquifer looked like when it was first built.

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