Expanding my horizons at Pecos National Historical Park


Intern Christie Bartholomew, standing next to a poster celebrating Pecos National Historical Park’s Centennial.

Coming close to completing my Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communications at New Mexico State University, I could not have predicted what the future held for me back in February. I could not have predicted that I would receive an email from a professor about the 2016 Latino Heritage Internship Program (LHIP). I could not have predicted that I would put myself up for consideration and submit an application, reasoning there was a good chance I might not be selected. I could not have predicted receiving a callback for an interview after weeks of anticipation and uncertainty. Having said all this, I definitely could not have predicted being offered a position as a digital media intern at Pecos National Historical Park. I had figured that there were probably many determined and talented people applying for the positions being offered by the Hispanic Access Foundation (HAF). I had prepared myself for the possibility that I might not make the cut. And yet, here I am.

Mission church ruins at Pecos National Historical Park, which date back hundreds of years.

Feelings of excitement and gratitude washed over me when I was offered the opportunity to work with the National Park Service (NPS). I was proud to tell the news to my family and friends. After all, NPS is an organization whose work I deeply admire and respect. Now, after spending over a week with the gracious staff of Pecos National Historical Park, my admiration and respect has only grown. I spent my first week at the park familiarizing myself with its many employees and with the beautiful scenery and rich history that it contained.  I was given a very warm welcome and I feel optimistic and hopeful about my future here. I have learned so much already and feel confident that I have the tools and resources I need to fulfill my duties in the weeks ahead.

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