Eureka! Rediscovering my passion

Finishing this internship, I cannot help but have mix feelings. I am sad that I have to leave this awesome team and the park, but I am so happy and grateful for the opportunity that I was given. I truly enjoyed chatting and educating the visitors, learning more about the importance of cultural resources, and developing my data collection skills.

Out in the field, I started feeling more like myself and gained confidence. During my time in Arlington Ridge Park, a visitor told me that I had one of the best jobs out there, and he was right! I realized that I am doing what I truly love. Since I moved out for college, I did not had the opportunity to go out in the field as much as I would like to, but this internship helped me fall in love with it again. I missed the peace of being in the outdoors, the feeling of being free and complete. This internship made me realize how much I enjoy working outside, interacting with visitors, and learn new things every day.

Fort Hunt Park.

In my free time, I have also enjoyed what D.C. has to offer! I have visited most of the Smithsonian Museums and all the monuments in the National Mall. During the afternoons after work and in the weekends, I enjoy going to the National Mall to read books and also enjoy the calm atmosphere. I went to the see the fireworks the fourth of July in the National Mall and they were beautiful, I even got chills at the finale!

Fireworks at the National Mall.

My stay here has been incredible, I am thankful for all the help provided by people that have crossed my path during this internship. Special thanks to the Resource Management Division, all the employees at the Maintenance Facility, rangers stationed at Arlington House, and the SCA summer crew for sharing their knowledge and chatting with me. Their support has been one of the fundamental pillars of this internship. I also wanted to thank Trudy Roth for sharing an office space with me and making me feel welcomed since the day I arrived and Suzanne Bouchard for being my supervisor and mentor, she is one of the most passionate, driven, and kind person who did not only teached me new skills, but also showed me how fun and diverse this job can be!


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