Engaging and Experiencing SEAC: Working from Home Edition

     Coming into my internship this summer, during a pandemic, I was unsure of how my internship would go. Would I be able to contribute and learn about the SEAC Center, gain experience in archeological techniques and curation, and assist in archaeological work?

I was very excited and nervous, however, upon meeting my supervisor Thadra, my worries quickly disappeared. A plan of action was put into place for me to work from home and to come into the office once a week to gather supplies, discuss questions, and go over new project tasks. Over my work week, I was overwhelmed by the support and resources SEAC offered me while I was working with the Lithic’s comparative collection and the Latino Conservation Week project. Even from my apartment, I was able to feel engaged and productive!

The help and support from the South Eastern Archaeological Center’s team during my work weeks illustrate SEAC’s core concepts of assistance, guidance, and collaboration that the firm implements in all of their projects. The SEAC center is an archaeology firm that was established in 1966 and specializes in cultural resources management. Under the National Park Service, SEAC works with federally owned land and also some private sector land contracts. The firm also offers a variety of critical services from Archaeological Overview and Assessment to Exhibit Planning and Guidance to the Cultural Resources Dive Team. All of these different sectors all have a goal of preserving irreplaceable heritage to teach and enrich the lives of future generations.

I am grateful that I have the opportunity to work under archaeologists from SEAC and to be able to gain valuable skills and knowledge from my experiences, even during hard times. My internship experience has allowed me to develop myself as an inclusive, more knowledgeable anthropologist who strives for culturally meaningful work. I am so excited about the possibility to return to the office and to truly experience the SEAC office!

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