Loteria and Bilingual Hikes

Latino conservation week

Our three day event celebrating Latinos and their work in conservation 

On Friday July 21st, Saturday July 22nd and Sunday July 23rd, we celebrated the 10th anniversary of Latino Conservation Week here at the park. I was lucky to have the support of my coworkers and they were available to help me whenever possible. I created brochures in spanish including information on Latino and BIPOC environmentalists. I also created spanish brochures with information on the park and the different trails you can take. Yet, my favorite thing that I planned was the Lassen Loteria. A loteria game which had photos of Lassen’s fauna and flora and it taught park guests about our park and what to expect to see on their visit. It was an interesting experience learning how to plan events and organize material. I also did outreach to various organizations and put up flyers around nearby towns. I was also able to create and share a social media post as well as share our event on the official Latino Conservation Week website. One of my coworkers was kind enough to provide a fee waiver for her ESL learners and I was able to provide families with a free entrance to the park. I was able to provide bilingual guided hikes as well and I had the help of a formr LHIP who is an interpretive Ranger here and she did a guided hike about birds and fire ecology. I believe I achieved my goal in reaching out to visitors and sharing latino culture with them. Many visitors who were not Latino still enjoyed our activities and were open to playing our spanish Loteria game. I was happy to see how many parks were participating in LCW and I hope that LCW events continue to grow and expand in the future and I look forward to see what my park has planned for future LCW events.

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