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My favorite part of working at the park has been absorbing the culture, language and getting to know everyone I work with. I feel very lucky to have spent time on another Hawaiian island and soak in the beautiful beaches, jungles and everything in between. There is no shortage of knowledge and culture that my co workers have shared with me and I can’t help but notice some similarities between Latino and Hawaiian culture. One overlap being that Latino and Hawaiian culture are generally matriarchal, I think this provides an extra layer of respect and caring into the land and people. My favorite aspect of the park that i’ve learned is olelo hawaii (Hawaiian language) and mythologies of the land. For example, there are lots of bright red ferns on the summit called Ama’u fern, which turn red as a protection mechanism against the high UV content. Legend has it though that Pele the goddess (goddess of fire who created the Hawiian islands) got upset with one of her lovers because he was being unfaithful to her, so she threw fire balls at him as he ran away down the mountain, and where the fire balls landed is where the ama’u fern started to grow. I love to think about how the evolution of folklore and science coming together to create culture and legends. 

There have been so many pieces and aspects of knowledge that I have encountered in my time here it’s so hard to say which has been my favorite that I’ve learned thus far. This experience has enriched my life in more ways than one and I’m so grateful for my time here. 

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