Have you brought your umbrella and bug spray with you?


South Florida is such a beautiful environment that has bright green trees, a sky that pours rain everyday and a vicious bite from its neighbor, the mosquito. I’m quite excited to start on my project. I will be creating a booklet that deals with the history on the Hole in the Donut that is here at Everglades National Park! The mitigation efforts of restoration the land on how it used to be before human contact. Until then, it has been adventure and exploration session. I have also been learning so much on the different habitats that are here at the park like the sawgrass prairie, and even freshwater marshlands. Did you know the Pine Rockland is the most rare and diverse habitat in the Everglades? They are only found to grow in the higher elevation, even if the highest is only a few inches, and they are along a limestone ridge on the east coast of South Florida. I hope we both enjoy the journey we are about to take as I’m not the only one about to experience this. As you are reading this, then you are too.

Welcome to the Everglades National Park!!

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