El Punto

Hello everyone. The first two weeks of my internship have just flown by. It’s been so fun getting to know all the rangers, the two national historic parks where I work, and the history of the area.

This past Monday I worked my second Preschoolers in the Park program at Salem Maritime. Preschoolers in the Park is an education program that my supervisor started last year. Every Monday this summer we will be having a different program for preschool age kids. Last Monday’s topic was about lighthouses. At the end of the program we all walked the Derby Wharf to get to the Derby lighthouse.

Now that I have seen two Preschoolers in the Park programs I am excited to start creating a bilingual program. My supervisor and I have started discussing how we want to structure the program and what kind of topics we want to talk about. On Tuesday she took me to The Point, or el punto, neighborhood which has a large latinx population. Since it was really hot that day she drove me around the neighborhood to show me the murals that a part of a new movement to transform the neighborhood and hopefully invite more visitors to its streets. The murals are amazing and beautiful Here are a couple of my favorites.

After we got back to the office my supervisor and I spent some time researching some bilingual books we could read to the kids. We found a couple about art that we are really excited about. I’m really looking forward to working more on the bilingual program for the Preschoolers in the Park.

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