El Paso Towards the Rio Vista Farm

What i will be up to this summer

Hi my name is Allison Toro Villada. This summer I am interning at the Historic American Building Survey in Washington D.C. My project is focusing on the Rio Vista Farm in Socorro, TX. The Rio Vista Farm, made of adobe, was constructed in 1915. It was originally set up as a poor farm to shelter kids during the Great Depression. From 1951-1964, it was utilized as a processing center for the Bracero Program. The contributions of more than 80,000 skilled Mexican braceros that Paso through Rio Vista annually helped the US with farm labor shortages pre- and post WWII. Later from early-1980s to mid-1990s, the site was used by the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office as a training academy. Currently, of the original 18 buildings on site, only 5 are maintained and used by the City of Socorro’s Administration Offices and Rio Vista Community Center.

Many buildings have deteriorated due to exposure to the elements and age. In order to document the rich history of the site we used a high definition laser scanner, to create 3D images, which we will use to create a site plan and elevation drawings. We also utilized contour combs to get detailed profiles of the doors and windows in the buildings. Through these processes we will be able to create 3D drawings of the buildings and make a fly through to envision how the site was used.

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