Education and Outreach Projects

To prepare for these events in the surrounding towns of Lincoln City, I took several important steps. First, I reached out to summer program directors, elementary teachers, libraries, public organizations, and community partners who have worked with the memorial before. I used emails and phone calls to share the park’s educational goals. This helped ensure that everyone was on the same page and aware of the upcoming events, creating a unified and supportive atmosphere for success.

The main projects we accomplished include ‘Pioneer Planting,’ ‘Traveling Trunk,’ and the Evansville Day School visit. During each of these events, our intern interpretive team engaged the public with interactive activities, providing immersive learning experiences. We conducted living historical demonstrations of Lincoln, gave formal and informal presentations to diverse audiences, and implemented educational programs from the ‘Traveling Trunk,’ all focused on Abraham Lincoln. 

The ‘Traveling Trunk’ activities included an interactive notecard game, seeds for planting, and pioneer clothing to demonstrate how different clothing was in the 1800s compared to today. Each child received demonstrations of the yoke, showing how Abraham Lincoln would gather water. They also learned about planting seeds and why it was essential since Abraham Lincoln couldn’t just go to a Walmart back then. Additionally, we highlighted the differences in wagon travel compared to modern cars. Every participant had the opportunity to plant their own seed and experience using the yoke with buckets. This hands-on approach allowed them to better understand the daily life and challenges faced by pioneers like Abraham Lincoln.

Future projects include ‘Candy Cabins,’ ‘Latino Carnival,’ ‘Lincoln Boyhood Week,’ and ‘Snow Cone Bash.’ For each event, our interpretive team has developed new Abraham Lincoln-oriented activities, games, crafts, storytelling sessions, and an informational booth. The next few weeks will be busy and informative. I am very glad to be back at Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial to educate the youth about the importance of pioneer times and Abraham Lincoln.

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