Ducky Race to the Klondike

Skagway had a lot of events lined up for July 4th. One of the most exciting ones I was a part of was the Rubber Ducky Race down Pullman Creek. For over a month, Skagway had been promoting this ducky race throughout the entire town. For just 10$, you could enter a duck in the race, and if you won, you would get $1000. (Considering there were about 1000 duckies, the organizers were walking away with a pretty decent sum of money, as they should).

I’m not entirely sure what they were raising funds for. All I cared about was that two of my friends had ducks in the race, and I was going to be there to see them win! (Only one duck had the chance at the grand prize, but I had high hopes).

So my friends and I managed to find seats right next to the creek. We watched everyone gather around the slightly forested area, and I remember my partner pretending to be a radio announcer before the ducks were released. There were kids on the other side, hanging onto to tree branches, and shouting DUCKS DUCKS DUCKS DUCKS, as the real announcers started to count down the race.

The ducks were released, and everyone shouted as the first ones began to appear around the bend. A lone duck with a cowboy hat had made it far ahead of the pack, and everyone cheered when he crossed the finish line.

I stayed on my side of the creek and did my best to shepherd any stray ducks from the branches that dangled out over the water.

It was the silliest event I’ve ever been a part of, but the sheer excitement of the crowd was almost physical. The thing about being in such a small town, is that even the littlest events can bring everyone together.

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