Developing the Grand Canyon’s School Composting Program!

Hello!! It has now been 3 weeks since I started my internship at the Grand Canyon National Park! It has had its up and downs, especially since it is so hilly, but I’m having such a good time! 

I finally was able to start on my main project this week too! This summer I will be working with the local Grand Canyon Kindergarten to High School. The middle schoolers are currently taking the lead in this project! The first couple of days we spent slowly teaching them what composting is by explaining how it is beneficial to the whole world and the community garden that will be located in the same area. 

They had the opportunity to come up with certain things at home and at school that they can and cannot compost. They had some great ideas like banana peels, egg shells, and veggies. They also said packages like milk cartons and apple sauce packets cannot be composted. They had a lot of good prior knowledge on what can be composted! 

We made sure to teach them what browns and greens are and even more examples of what can be used at the school. The shredded paper the teachers use often and all of the Amazon packages that get shipped to the school could be broken down and put in the compost bins! 

It was finally time to get the kids in action to start from square one on the composting bins. I grabbed a rake, Mr. Buck and Mr. Washington grabbed some pick axes, and we started hacking away at the small grass and plants in the designated areas. It took a lot of hard work, but we got there! Some of the kids were able to use the temper to pound the area to be flat enough to start creating the bins. 

We are still at the beginning stages of teaching the kids and setting up the area, but everything is going smoothly and I’m excited to see how the composting project progresses!!  

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