Daniel Ruiz

Hi everyone, my name is Daniel Ruiz but I go by Danny. I am a 19 year old Environmental Biology student from San Diego.  I am currently completing my general education at Grossmont College and plan on transferring to Humboldt State University.

For the next 10 weeks I will be working at Cabrillo National Monument in Point Loma, as an interpreter and in any way I am needed. Having lived in San Diego my entire life, I have been going to Cabrillo National Monument since I was kid. In addition to visiting, I have also been a volunteer at the park since last summer. Knowing the park, volunteers, and rangers, I am beyond stoked to have gotten an internship here for the summer. Getting to work in what I believe is the most beautiful part of San Diego and with the nicest of people as well, I cannot wait to start! Now that you know what I will be doing, I can tell you a bit about myself. As stated before, I am a 19 year old college student from sunny San Diego. Some of my favorite things in life are spending time with family/friends, eating, being out and about in nature, running, rooting for my favorite sport teams, and playing with my dog Goldie. Upon completing my M.A,  I hope to work within the NPS. Having a career where I get to not only work in nature, but protect, research, and teach others on it, is something I look forward to. A big thank you to Environment for the Americas, the Hispanic Access Foundation, and the National Park Service for putting together this program for myself and others to participate in. Thanks also to Ranger Tavio Del Rio from Cabrillo National Monument, for telling me about this great program! If you wish to follow my 10 week internship a bit more in-depth, feel free to check out my Instagram account where I will be posting pictures of my daily activities at the park.

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