Cultural Landscape Inventories Project

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Today, I am discussing my project with the Olmsted Center that I am currently working on. To remind folx who may have forgotten, my position at the center is a Cultural Landscape Preservation Planning Assistant.  

Surrender of General Burgoyne at Saratoga N.Y. Oct. 17th. 1777. Library of Congress.

During a week trip to Saratoga National Historical Park, I learned the steps to complete fieldwork updates for cultural landscape inventories that describe the important features, and significance of the park while documenting key information about the integrity (condition) of the sites.  

Part of my project is working on Saratoga National Historical Park’s cultural inventories that document landscape features from the America Revolution. I will be synthesizing the information that we collected up in New York and helping with the completion of this cultural landscape inventory. The other aspect of my project is working on the cultural landscape inventories for Richmond National Battlefield which involves some ethnographic writing and

research into important figures during the Civil War. I am excited to share more as it unfolds!

Cold Harbor, Va. Photographer’s wagon and tent, 1860-1865. Library of Congress.


~Pia Cano 


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