Cross-train day!

I recently had the opportunity to cross-train with one of Shenandoah’s many departments! It allowed me the chance to see what other types of operations are going on in the park. I chose to cross-train with the Backcountry crew because it seemed like a fascinating job. The crew’s main job is to be hiking every day on various trails throughout the park to ensure people stay safe. 

I trained with Adam Brown, a first-year Backcountry Ranger, and we hiked a popular waterfall hike at the park boundary! We talked to many people on this scorching day, reminding them the importance of hydration and to take their time hiking the steep trail. We also ensured people were staying on the trails and assisted any visitors needing orientation as to where they were on the hike. 

I asked Adam what his favorite part of the job was, and he replied, “I love getting to hike on all kinds of trails throughout the park, and it’s so cool getting to see all the different landscapes the park has”

Overall it was a great day, and I learned a lot!


Adam by a waterfall

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