Crawl. Walk. And Then Run: Tours at Jewel Cave

Crawl. Walk. And then run. In season three of the HBO hit series, “The Wire,” Isiah Whitlock Jr.’s character relayed this message to Idris Elba’s character. While the context (and setting) differs, I reflected on this saying as the ideal way to develop and learn new skills. I figuratively crawled through my training at Jewel Cave and got to know the great staff we have along the way.

I worried about my first tour this past Friday. Fortunately, thanks to my training, I was prepared. I walked through my first tour, remembering that each guide’s style and personality are attached to the main talking points. While it could have gone smoother, completing the first tour was crucial in learning the interpretive world and sharpening my public history skills. 

Since my first, I now run two to three tours a day. With each one, I build on the last, further recognizing my presentation style for our scenic and discovery tours. I feel great running tours now and love to see all the fun our visitors have. While I hoped to detail this post about wonderful people I met at Find Your Park Day, the weather, unfortunately, did not comply. Part of my internship, which does include these tours, also includes engagement with people at events. On the bright side, that leaves room for images from one of today’s tours. I hope to update everyone about Find Your Park Day after its postponed date of June 24th and more about Jewel Cave and my tours in the next post! That’s all for now!

Shining a flashlight on some of our calcite crystals             Leading tour through Rumrunner’s Lane

Performing a blackout in the Formation Room                                        Exiting a Historic Lantern Tour during training

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