Coyote Valley Hike

On the first Saturday of sunny July, the Anza staff collaborated with the Open Space Authority of Santa Clara County, California, and led a four-mile hike through Coyote Valley Open Space Preserve. We woke up bright and early Saturday morning to drive about an hour an a half south of San Francisco to the beautiful area of San Jose.

We embarked on a hike with a total of 19 people ready to learn and sweat and explore! As part of the Anza trail staff, we participated in leading this hike because this area was a spot the Anza Expedition crossed paths on. The families and colonists hiked this land almost 300 years ago, and because much of this land has been legally preserved, it was cool to be able to be physically stand in a space that has not been altered for urbanism, as other sites have been.

Together, with Open Space Authority docent Les Krammer and National Park Service Ranger Miguel Marquez, we went over the history of the Anza Expedition and discussed themes such as the importance of water and clothing. In fact, I volunteered to wear a cuero, a leather garnet that soldados and horse riders would wear during the expedition for protection from weapons, such as arrows and spears. IT WAS HOT!!! but I was down for the sacrifice for the show and the interpretation!

It was a wonderful way to spend our Saturday morning, while getting our exercise in, our knowledge shared, and meeting members of the surrounding community. You can catch us at more hikes by checking out the Anza Trail facebook page for updates, as well as the Open Space Authority of Santa Clara if you’re around the southeast bay area; there are several hikes led throughout the year.





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