Communicating and connecting from D.C.

My first few weeks as a communications intern for NPS have been very rewarding. I have gotten hands on experience with video production, social media, and even got to introduce award winners at a historic preservation award ceremony. More than anything, it has been great getting to know the other LHIPsters in the area and my co-workers because we share common interests and are passionate about things our friends might say are ‘boring’. Moreover, managing social media and creating a video for the 2014 Hartzog award winners has also broaden my perception of the impact National Park Service has on the lives of people at a national level.CV6A3404

One of my first projects working as a videographer has been to capture b-roll of NPS Director Jarvis interacting with the media. I was sent to a press conference at the steps of the Memorial Bridge, where local congress members, alongside Secretary Jewell, Foxx and Director Jarvis spoke about the need to increase funding for the preservation and restoration of landmarks like the Memorial Bridge. I got the chance to go inside the Memorial Bridge as it undergoes major repairs and capture video of all the sections that need the most help. Screen shot 2015-06-25 at 11.25.51 AM Another rewarding experience has been planning and shooting the 45-minute conversation LHIPsters had with Director Jarvis at the main Department of Interior building on June 19th. This was a great opportunity for young Latinos to ask the tough questions that need to be asked considering the unfortunate statistics showing NPS’ inefficacy in connecting with the Latino community, both at an internal and external level. I look forward to going over the videos we captured to make an attractive final product that will hopefully spark further conversations about the things that still need to be done to increase the number of Latino NPS employees and visitors. IMG_3289

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