Well, this week was kind of a little bit of everything. I was nervous because of the hikes I was supposed to give, but nobody showed up and who can blame them as it was really hot and the river could do a better job of cooling them off than a two-mile hike could! I’m not going to lie; I was very tempted to jump in myself. I also had to yell at people that were getting too close to the waterfall and act like a lifeguard. But I’m looking forward to moving back to the apartment and seeing the downtown area, and getting to cook my own food again since I’ve gained weight after leaving it because mothers will fatten you up and make you eat. I lost a good bit of weight eating some healthy food and dancing to bachata and nortenas while I was cooking, and thanks to the cooking out of necessity I’ve gotten way better at cooking. I also do hope to get to see more of the history here and to learn of the nearby-ish areas like Chattanooga. Every day or every other day it has rained which kept it humid, but the clouds during sunset look beautiful so I hope to be able to see the positive and take advantage of this opportunity to learn everything and to enjoy everything!

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