Completing a Month

As I end my fourth week here, my internship so far has been an amazing experience. This week, though not as glamorous as others, still has excitement as I prepare for a week-long training. This week I have been working on mapping out the road signs for the trail; this has proven a bit challenging for me since the data I am working with has been somewhat difficult to understand, but so far I have made good progress. I am also learning how to create a shapefile, then transfer this information to the shapefile and make the information available on ArcMap. My training will begin on Saturday, when I hope to learn more about the inner workings of the National Park Service (NPS). Working for the NPS has been great, but many times I feel like people have not had the chance to experience what parks have to offer and I hope this training will help me better understand the mission of the agency as well as to thoroughly experience the park system.

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