Climate Change Awareness in Urban Areas

My project for this summer is to present educational talks to youth, ages 13-19, from the In My Backyard Program. Each week, I will be presenting a different 10 minute talk relating to climate change. In addition, the students will have a new theme each week and will take a field trips to a non-profit, a park or museum, and a national park. My goal is to then do research on how non-profit organizations and the national parks combat climate change. I have a set of questions that will be answered, which include:

  • What are some of the sustainability initiatives the museum has done?
  • Are there any conservation efforts in place?
  • Does the museum/park host any climate change educational programs?
  • Are there any future steps or goals the museum/park has for a greener future?

With the information attained, I will then make brochures for the kids each week relating to the featured non-profit of the week and national park. In addition, I will also make a power point with more information about climate change and what steps the students cant take to combat it.

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