Chapter 2: Community Outreach in Action

In this second Chapter I will share with you some of the Community Outreach activities we have done with the Rangers and the Community Action Team (CAT). I have had the chance to participate in two flag raisings so far, Juneteenth and Pride, at the Lowell City Hall. The Park sends representatives to every flag raising for different cultural and community groups in the city. The Park also participated in the City of Lowell Pride Parade and Celebration. This included marching down Merrimack Street with over 150 people and setting up a table and activity in Boarding House Park (pictured below).


Lowell National Historical Park Booth, Pride Event at Boarding House Park, June 15th, 2024, Lowell, MA

I also met with different organizations in order to collaborate and make plans to offer them programs this summer. These events and educational activities will cultivate a culture of stewardship of the Merrimack River while making a fun and special time for youth to remember. 

We are also collaborating with the Pollard Memorial Library to bring arts and crafts along the library’s bookmobile to different parks in the city for kids and parents to grab a book and do the scheduled craft for that date. The first bookmobile and craft activity were on June 26th at the Boarding house Park and the activity was water coloring. We made bookmarks and cards with the kids and parents that stopped by.

I have started working on a project to learn and share the contributions made my Latino immigrants in Lowell and in the Textile industry after the 1965s along with outreach and programs in other languages, especially in Spanish.

Bubbles, Pride Event at Lowell National Historical Park, June 15th, Lowell, MA

For this summer we have planned many more dates for arts and crafts dates with the bookmobile, more fun and educational community outreach activities with other youth organizations and events like the Lowell’s famous Folk Festival for which I will tell you more and share pictures.

Lau doing outreach at City Hall, Flag Raising Event, June 2024 Lowell, MA
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