Can’t Beat the Heat

Hi there! I just finished my first week at the Grand Canyon (GRCA), and let me tell you, the heat is out of control. The weekend I arrived, there was an excessive heat warning, meaning that in two consecutive days, the temperature was 105 degrees or higher for more than three hours a day, or that in a day, the temperature would rise above 115 degrees. CRAZY!IMG_3562 Adjusting to the heat and elevation is a continuing progress as I go on. However, one of the most difficult things to get accustomed to is the lack of cellular service and Wi-Fi here at the GRCA. It has been a challenge to communicate with my siblings, who are a little too excited that I am here. However, there are glimpses throughout the day when they can reach me, and that beats finding shade in the scorching sun.IMG_3545 This week has consisted of mostly training and learning from the Park Rangers. Soon, I will be presenting programs such as the ones I’ve been observing and encouraging younger children to do activities and become Junior Rangers! IMG_3563 Being here has felt like a dream! The views and sights are surreal; it is so beautifully breath-taking (not because of the elevation), it takes me more than a minute to realize I am standing in such an amazing place.

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