Can You Be The Next Lincoln?

My program titled, “Can You be the Next Lincoln?” is a ranger program sponsored through the Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial that is presented weekly on Wednesdays. This program focuses on asking young kids: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I believe that kids, particularly Hispanic youth, are often discouraged from dreaming big. After taking part in my program, I want children to know that it is possible for them to come from humble beginnings, yet end up being remembered with memorials and monuments across the nation as Abraham Lincoln achieved. I want children to be inspired by Lincoln’s enthusiasm and dedication. Lincoln’s education was hard earned and he was largely self-educated; he truly made himself. Children will learn from Lincoln’s legend and hopefully recognize in themselves the same potential to achieve their goals. My first program was attended by five individuals, which I am proud of considering the Park had a total of eighty-eight visitors the entire day. In this group there were two children, one of which told me she wanted to be president one day and make positive changes for her country. Some of the topics I brought up were his father’s work and the emotional impact of the loss of his mother, Nancy Hanks Lincoln, who died of milk sickness. I hope in the future to have more people come to my program to learn more about his youth in southern Indiana. I’ve been working closely with the social media team at Lincoln Boyhood to not only outreach online and bring awareness to other fun and interesting programs throughout the summer.

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