Camp Fun at Fort Matanzas

I spent my second week at Fort Matanzas National Monument helping with the summer camp that is hosted by Fort Matanzas and the Castillo de San Marcos. The campers learned about an array of things that dealt with science, nature and history. I helped out at the camp by instructing the campers and by setting up activities for them. The week before camp started, I made materials for the campers as well. IMG_0051 The activities done at camp included learning to use a compass, capturing sea life at the beach nearby and exploring Fort Matanzas.  Each activity taught the campers something different that dealt with the fort of the past and what it had come to be now. It was a great experience, seeing the campers learn something new every day and actually finding out more about the National Park Service. 11109706_962766373747513_7463285947371898171_o

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