Be gone Japanese knotweed!

We went to Saugus Iron Works’ nature side of the national park to met up with William Fuchs and to interview him about how he was introduced to the park service. During our discussion, we were presented with an opportunity to treat invasive species since it’s a part of Bill’s job to handle natural science at the park. And a couple of weeks later, we were signed up to visit our neighboring park Minute Man National Park where one of our fellow intern was stationed at! So we got a chance to say hello and meet Estrella and be involved in conservation work for the day.

With my experiment with A.C.E. American conservation experience, I am no stranger to invasive projects. It really did bring me back to my conservation work days and how much I enjoyed it. It was nice to get out of the office and work with other park members and volunteers we were all equal in that moment. Sweating in 93 degree weather and doing as much tackling to Japanese knotweed as we can. It was a fun day and we are promised another invasive species project in the Boston Harbor Islands. We get to go on a boat! I am so excited and can’t wait for the next adventure. I even had a chance to share my riddles to keep people from feeling defeated on how much invasive plants can take over an area. If you want to hear it: “There are two penguins in a canoe, in the desert. One turns to the other. Where is your paddle? The other responds. Sure does!”

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