Baby Steps

Since I have started everything has been so smooth and calm, and I’ve learned everything without being rushed. When I entered the internship we had thoughts of bringing more of the Latino community to the Preserve, but hadn’t really thought of ways to do it because there were no other Latinos working in the park except for me. However, Larry Beane, my supervisor, had asked if I was willing to do a hike with him and make it bilingual. It has been in the works and only an idea since I started, but now its official. I will have my first chance to be a real leader for a group of people on July 21st. Larry and I will being doing two hikes that day, in both Spanish and English, so I hope I get to make a good impression since Larry has been telling me that I have been doing a good job building trust and relations with visitors. Since I live fairly close, I have even decided to get my community in Albertville involved too. I have been trying to get in contact with one of the radio broadcasters there that a lot of the Latino community listen to. Unfortunately, I have no photos again but I do hope to be able to take a lot during this trip!


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