Dickey Hill

Autumn is the best :)

We are starting to see fall colors in the park! It is estimated that peak fall colors will be here by next weekend and I am very excited to see it. The busy season is definitely starting too. These past days have been very busy and it will only continue to get busier. However, I am so excited for everyone to be here to experience this awesome park during such a beautiful time.

As staff, our focus is shifting to also advise people on how to safely travel and enjoy the park with the crowds. We even received specific fall training because of how hectic it can get. People want advice on how to avoid crowds, where the best fall views are, where they can take the best picture, and even simple things like where to find a parking spot.

I’ve been lucky enough to be able to go out on roves and see some more of the fall colors throughout the park. I’ve heard the south and central districts are looking more fall in comparison to here up north. I’m just excited to take a drive one of these days on Skyline Drive and really take in all the beauty autumn has to offer.

Here are some pictures that you’re able to see some of the colors in. Hopefully I’ll be able to take some more when more trees are changing colors 🙂




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