Atlanta, Georgia

This week I traveled to Atlanta, Georgia, and went to a Law and Justice Award dinner. I was with Pete Conroy and Reggie Tiller. During that dinner, Freedom Rider Tom Hanks was given an award as well. It was wonderful that I was a part of history today. I could not believe who I was meeting at the event. The next day we had the Berea College faculty meeting at the Greyhound Bus station. We gave them a tour of the place and went over the history of the Freedom Riders. It was wonderful to see the faulty interact and feel so deeply about the story. Another meeting we had was with a few men from a Hispanic church. We wanted to try and have an event, but first we thought it was best to reach out to them. The meeting was great, and we discussed future opportunities like having a festival/event in front of the Greyhound Bus station with the theme of Hispanic culture. This week has been eventful, and I’m so sad that it is my last week working here but am excited to go to Colorado next week and meet everyone!

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