At CHAM beginning the necessary work and learning the inner-workings of the Cultural Resource department at an NPS site and collaborating with WACC!

In preparation for the visit from the regional assistant archivist from the Western Archaeological and Conservation Center (WACC) we spent some time organizing some protective archival materials and supplies we had at our off-site warehouse. This week was jam packed with work, and the opportunity to engage with the senior staff at Chamizal and from the Western Archaeological and Conservation Center (WACC). I was able to be involved with the briefing and debriefing meetings this week by Khaleel the assistant archivist from WACC along with the Superintendent here at CHAM, Gus F. Sanchez, the Cultural Resource manager, Mark Calamia, and Interpretation officer, Rod Sauter. We spent most of the week with Khaleel working on identifying the items that WACC would be taking back to their facilities for final archiving. Some of the materials that were of high priority and interest to him were the central files and personal papers I was able to locate during the inventory of non-accessioned items earlier in my internship. This work was what I really wanted to engage in, and for that I am thankful and grateful to both LHIP/EFTA and the NPS. At this point I am looking forward to what the rest of my summer internship will bring, and like always, ¡¡¡Pa’lante mi gente!!!

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