Arriving to the East Bay Area

Hello everyone! I have finally arrived to the East Bay Area of California, and have just begun my position at John Muir National Historic Site. I feel thrilled and grateful to have been given another opportunity to intern for the Latino Heritage Internship Program. I believe full-heartedly in the program’s mission, and cannot wait to make another positive contribution to the National Park Service. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, and am a Geography graduate student at Cal State Long Beach. Although I love being a student, I also¬†love to travel and learn from experiencing new cities and cultures outside of the classroom. It has shown me that learning from others and embracing diverse backgrounds¬†makes a community or an environment stronger, more resilient, and tolerant. This is the type of thinking I want to carry with me throughout my internship. I want to answer questions such as how can we make our park, John Muir National Historic Site, more relevant to all communities? How can we collaborate and share the wonders that this site offers? I know that this summer will bring forth new challenges, lessons, and adventures, and I am ready to meet them and share them with you all!  

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