Appreciating Nebraska’s Beauty

¡Hola! HomesteadNM_CottonwoodOn my first full day I was able to explore the parks and its trails. I started off at the Heritage Center, where the museum is located and learned more about homesteading history. Then I took a stroll through one of the trails where I was especially captivated by a large tree on the side of the trail. It HomesteadNM_Minionroared to life as the wind whirled through the tree’s leaves. I made my way to the Education Center, where I met some more rangers who welcomed me with smiles and cheerful small talk. On my second day I found out during a more official tour that the tree I saw is actually Nebraska’s state tree, the cottonwood tree. I learned more about the park, like its history and the events that go on during the summer. I took a picture with a giant figure (a Minion) made out of hay that was used for an event that took place before my arrival. I also explored an old school house and a cabin that were once used by homesteaders. HomesteadNM_Freeman School I coincidentally started working the day that appraisers arrived to take a look at the Dempster Mill Manufacturing Company project. I jumped right into helping out with the process, and we are still working on this appraisal. I am excited about this project, and I am also looking forward to experiencing the community events that Homestead has to offer. ¡Hasta pronto!

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