Anza Trail: Backyard History

First off I would like to start by saying let’s goooo! I am thrilled to finally have the opportunity to immerse myself in a part of the history of California.

Let us dive into a small crash course on the history of the Juan Bautista De Anza National Historic Trail. In 1775-1776 Spanish colonizing expedition traveled in search of new terrain. The historic route can be found in the majority of the cities in the Bay Area, down towards the Monterrey peninsula, following along closely to the Pacific coast down towards southern California, into Mexico, then coming back up into Arizona, making its way towards Phoenix then back down into Tucson, leading back into Mexico to the origin of where the expedition started from, in Hermosillo, Mexico.

So what does this have to do with me, my purpose? As the trail planning intern I will be organizing trail segment opportunities, creating and building on existing partnerships for trail segments, and obtain and organize the segments of the Anza trail, parks, and comprehensive planning commenting opportunities along the Anza trail.

Some of the work that I have begun to work on for my first week is meeting with partners such as Midpeninsula. Also, my site supervisor (Shout out to Estrella Sainburg – Trail Planner and LHIP Alumni!) for taking me out for a walk to one of the missions that was developed during this historical period, Mission Dolores. We got to walk through the civic center – tenderloin – nob hill areas of San Francisco, California. Getting to walk near the historic route was super eye opening, nothing is how it was, urban development has drastically changed the landscape of the city but we must not allow urbanization to takeaway from the historical roots that allowed us to be here today.

Mission San Francisco de Asís Facts - Early California Resource Center

Photo Credit: Photographer unknown, website for where I found this image and a brief overview of the mission’s history can be found here.

What a mouthful right! I hope the rest of the LHIP community is enjoying their sites just as much as I am, I look forward to hearing about everyone else’s experiences, thank you.

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  • Gabriella Parra
    Posted at 09:52h, 28 May

    Hey Elizabeth, it’s so exciting to hear about the work you will be doing on the Anza trail! I am from Tucson, so I have seen and used the Anza trail in my town. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your project, Have a great summer!

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