Anniston, Alabama, Freedom Riders National Monument

This week, my main focus was designing and making the Junior Ranger Freedom Rider Activity Booklet. Basically, I’m writing a book. It has crosswords, puzzles, and more activities throughout it. I have being trying my hardest to make sure to incorporate the Presidential Proclamation throughout the booklet. The goal is to have sixteen pages worth of information and activities pertaining to the Freedom Riders National Monument, as well as making it as kid-friendly as possible. This has taken a lot of my time, but I think I like how it is turning out. Normally at all parks there are already Junior Ranger Activity Booklets, but since this is a brand new park there isn’t one. That is where I come in! I am also planning the Latino event at the Greyhound Bus station. Reggie and I have set a concrete date, which should be Saturday, July 29th. We are still in the process of contacting people. It’s a slow process, but as soon as a few of the people contacted get back to us I should be able to fill out this plan. The image shown here is when I was at the Greyhound Bus station this week helping set up some of the new items like installing the TV. The pictures behind me are actually photographs of a few of the Freedom Riders, like Hank Thomas.

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