And so it goes…

When I looked at my schedule this week, I became nostalgic about having to leave. My schedule read “kayak”, “kayak”, and “nature walk”. A dream job. I am extremely thankful for the opportunities of growth and warmth I found at the Lewis and Clark National Historical Park. A small park, but one that allows for an unparalleled sense of comfort in the family-like dynamic of the staff and the wealth of shared knowledge. I have felt the support from my peers in every step of the way. When I expressed interest in plants, they teamed me up with the Natural Resource Project Manager to forage nettles along a hike, where we discussed mushrooms and lichens. When I expressed interest in education of minority groups, they allowed  to participate in Kids Corps groups and be an environmental counselor at camps. All the while, nurturing my love for arts and crafts, as well as peaking my interests in local flora. This summer, I have also been able to travel extensively. The Pacific Northwest is one with a dense population of National Parks and National Forests alike. While here, I visited Olympic National Forest, Gifford Pinchot National Forest, Ecola State Park, and Mount Rainier National Park. All of which have an inexhaustible wealth of beauty and serve as the greatest inspiration to my career choice. Everytime I visit these spaces, I am reassured of my passions and further delve into learning more about my niche. For example, did you know Jewel Lichen uses Pika pee nutrients for growth?

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