An Unexpected Feeling

When you venture out to the forest for field work or to just explore the beauty nature has to offer.

The feeling of uncertainty lurks around each unseen corner and you never know what you might come across, especially when you hike through these dominate forces known as the woods.  You are naturally inclined to become a free-spirited soul that just wants to attend nature’s needs. Nature will not directly tell its caretaker what it seeks, instead it shows signs of urgency and it is upon the caretaker (us) to determine what that may be. One does not play a role as a superior leader as there are more dominate forces that exist along the park at SEKI.

The experience one feels at the park is unexplainable, and an image will never do justice to how magical nature truly is. I invite you to pursue your true passion and freely receive the unexpected uncertainties that are gained along the way.


Felt poetic today, thanks for tuning in!


Jonathan Tejeda

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