An Unexpected Adventure – Lake Ross, Washington

As I mentioned before, I ended up working with the plant propagation crew for the week and I loved it! For one of the days, the supervisor told us that we were about to go on an adventure to water some newly planted shrubs located at one of the nearby lakes.

I thought it was going to be a quick easy come and go, but I was so wrong! We ended up driving for a good 30 minutes (best scenic drive Ever), and eventually we got to an entrance of a trail that lead to one of the dams that powers Seattle. Holy moly, was this thing HUGE! My brain couldn’t perceive how huge this thing was at first, and the view of the mountains was insanely beautiful. Anyway, from there we took a boat out to the lake (Lake Ross, to be exact) to find to our destination and water these plants. It was a whole day thing and, honestly, the best experience I have had so far in this Internship.

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