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Thunderstorm sky.
Homestead, FL

I have learned many valuable lessons throughout my internship at the South Florida Collections Management Center (SFCMC) at Everglades National Park.  Coming from a history background I have limited experience working with collections of science and nature.  During my time here I was asked to support Jim Williams with developing two websites.  The center is interested in having one website for the center and another one as a subject website.  Being new to the culture of NPS and not having web development training I was uncertain on how to approach the work.  Summer is a tricky time to intern since many take time off for the summer.  The last couple of weeks I have been presenting my ideas to the SFCMC staff and receiving feedback.  Their input has allowed me to understand the task more clearly.  I look forward to contributing a Content Management Strategy Plan for the website before my departure in a couple of weeks. In addition, Daniel Miguel, LHIP Cultural History Education Intern at Everglades National Park and I are working on promoting Latino Conservation Week.  Our aim for this project is to interview people from Cuban descent to share their recollections of the Cold War era.  Much of the Cold War’s history is viewed through a military perspective.  This project hopes to broaden the narrative of this history. 

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