All Done!

I just finished up my second go-round at San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park as an LHIP Intern. On my last day I did a presentation on my research, in front of an all-division meeting the rangers had. I know people say public speaking gets better with practice, but I still can’t quite figure it out. It’s easy for me to hide behind my laptop and read my script… But folks seemed to really be into it and had questions and comments that I was able to follow up on without hiding behind my laptop 🙂 Right after presenting I had to run around and return my keys, PIV card, National Park Service laptop, and books I borrowed from the Research Library on site. The reason for the rush is that I was invited by the Small Boat Shop staff, who I worked with all summer building the yawl boat, to help move one of the small boats to a different dock in the city. So I was able to get on the Bay one last time.  

We were dropping off the Monterrey to get some maintenance done on her. I’ll be in the Bay Area for a few more days before going back to Chicago, so I’m hoping to make to the Festival of the Sea to see the yawl boat get launched. This week I’ll be officially wrapping up as an LHIP intern with the Career Workshop in Colorado. I wonder about next summer and what I will do then, being fresh out of grad school. Am I in a rush to get on a career track? That has always been the plan, to go teach. Especially as an “older” student I feel an added pressure to already be somewhere or doing something. Usually that means working. I’m considering the possibility of being a ranger, maybe even at San Francisco Maritime. It’s good to know I have options, even more so now that I’ve done this LHIP internship.

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