Aisne Marne Cemetery: Main Gates


Aisne Marne main gates (before Cram and Ferguson Architect redesign)

 Later in history the American Battlefield Monument Commission proceeded with redesigning the existing War Department cemeteries with memorial chapels and other features and constructing a series of monuments starting in the mid-1920s and continuing into the 1930s.  Under the direction of ABMC consulting architect Paul P. Cret,  the Boston firm of Cram & Ferguson was given the commission for designing the Chapel, new entrance gates, new Visitor Building and Staff Quarters, and a revised site plan for Aisne-Marne Cemetery.  Construction took place starting in 1929 with the chapel and then new reception and quarters buildings and landscape improvements.
gate 1

Aisne Marne Entrance Gates (Present)

During this weeks I’ve been drawing the Front, Back and Left elevations for the Main Gates. It was very challenging and entertaining doing this drawings because of the amount of details that are carved in the stone are AMAZING! Starting with the Eagle on both entrances and going down onto the Lettering and Iron work. To be able to fully achieve these level of details I had to use my sketching skills and a 3d model made out of pictures just to figure out how are these details are supposed to be drawn. Here are some examples of the details and sketches:

gates axo
 13936972_10210848946799384_1535149207_n   back gate 13933340_10210848956759633_1712457935_n
 And finally using all these resources, I manage to do make this drawings possible:
Go to this link to take a look at the 3D Photogrammetry model:
credits to HALS Report No. US-1, Aisne-Marne American Cemetery & Memorial.
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